Fetichin is now showing Prix St George

USDF Show, November 13-14, 2010 Majestic Farms, Batavia OH

3rd Level Test 3: 

72.4% High Point Horse; now qualified for USDF 2011 Regional’s for 3RD LEVEL


3rd Level Musical Kur:

71.5%  now qualified for 2011 USDF regional’s for 3rd  level


4th Level Test 1:

66.4% high point for 4th level; need one more qualifying score for DEVON!!

This will be the 4th time Hidden Pond FARM Andalusians will show at Devon under saddle.


American Andalusian Alliance Show St Louis, MO,  September 2010 

Fetichin: 3rd level freestyle  70%   and 3rd level highpoint winner

Perfect 25 on functionality and award winner. This is Fetichin’s 3rd perfect 25 score in functionality.


Fetichin was National & Reserve Champion at 2005 Nationals, Ft. Worth, TX.

• CHAMPION OF FUNCTIONALITY at the  2005 Foundation//ERAHC show, Lexington, VA

• High point winner for the Sunbury, OH 2005 dressage series

• Placed in the ribbons at 14 open shows in 2005.


His illustrious career continues…

· KDA 2009 high point horse ; 2nd level; 4 first place ribbons

· Qualified for USDF Region 2  for 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010August 2010 Majestic Farms USDF show; high point horse with a 71.8% at a 3rd level test 3

HPF Accomplishments

Pam Nelson

Tel: 513.553.3371 

Cell: 513.519.9454

Fax: 513.553.2214


Barbian has numerous awards and championships:


2009: KDA   1st place 4th level freestyle

                    1st place 4thlevel test 3


2008 :  KDA:  1st place 4th level freestyle

                     2nd place 4th level test 1

                     1st place 4th test 3

Paxton Farms

                     2nd place 4th level freestyle

                     2nd place 4th level test 3


Andalusian Breed show, Shelbyville, TN

                     Winner of Piaffe contest

                     Presented 4th level freestyle as exhibition

                     2nd place  3rd level test 3


• National and Reserve Champion 2003,2004,2005 IALHA Nationals, Ft. Worth, TX

• 5 separate  TOP 5 awards at Nationals

• 2004 USDF Vintage Cup winner

• 2005 USDF 4TH level Region 2 Reserve Champion

• 2005 CHAMPION OF ALL CHAMPION STALLIONS ERAHC/Foundation show, Lexington, VA. Champion of Functionality

• Dressage at Devon 2004,2005. Placed in top ten.

• 2005-2006 4th level Musical freestyle; scoring in the 60's

• High school demonstrations for Equine Affaire, Kentucky Horse Park Iberian Weekend, Penna World Horse Show in the Main Event; Hoosier Horse Fair

• Ribboned 22 times in 2005 Open Shows. showing at KDA, LAMPLIGHTER, MODA,DEVON, PAXTON CLASSIC, NATIONALS, ERAHC, SUNBURY,OH series

Javiera HPF

2006 16h PRE gray mare. Champion of all mares ERAHC, 2009; ANCEE Reserve Champion mare; ERAHC, Best movement winner. Under saddle for walk, trot canter.


Dylan owned by Kristen Foley

showing 4th level schooling PSG

Everado: training level owned by Sue Spears; sired by Barbian


showing 2nd level; congratulations Debra

Lora Clorinda; 3rd level riding in New Jersey

Ambrioso showing 2nd level. Congratulations Jane in West Virginia; sired by Barbian

Alano showing 2nd level owned by Lisel Givens, Ontario Canada; 16.2h sired by Barbian

Kemina; grand champion filly 2 and under at Fiesta Midwest sired by  Barbian; owned by Charmane Workman

Embrujada Champion PRE, black  filly owned by Manuela Reynolds; sired by Fetichin

HPF offspring "LEO"

LeoSiebepdd par de deux with Friesian

Pam Nelson

Tel: 513.553.3371 

Cell: 513.519.9454

Fax: 513.553.2214

Denia HPF

American Andalusian ALLIANCE Show, St Louis, MO,  September 2010 

ANCEE:  PRE champion filly 2 and under

Reserve champion of all filly’s 3 and under


World Equestrian Games

(WEG)  October 2010

Fetichin performed a 3rd level freestyle to 1950's music. Hence the outfit worn by Nichole Harrington.  The shirt had a pick poodle on it and of course we didn't forget the horn rimmed glasses. Fetichin had no comment on the pink dressage pad but we couldn't convince him to wear the pink polo wraps  - he would have no part of it!  Thanks to Jenni Johnson for the photos!

Fetichin’s  Results

Warm up at WEG

Photo by Susan Ambrose

Barbian at 2008 IALHA nationals presenting a 4th level musical kur for the Friday and Saturday night entertainment.

Carisa HPF

1st time in an indoor arena, 1st USDF show:

INTRO B and Training level 1: 60%